Our 31 Favorite 3D Printing Examples

3d printing examples3d printing is not new.

Taking a computer-generated model, and then building it up layer by layer by fusing dust particles or melting polymers – this has been done for the last 30 years!

Thing is, it wasn’t until recently that we saw a revived interest in 3d printing, thanks to more affordable devices like RoBo, Makerbot, and Peachy Printer hitting the market. While they’re not as refined as their more industrial cousins, these devices have made 3d printing a reality for thousands of hobbyists around the world.

Who knew squeezing molten plastic through a nozzle could be so fun?

Will 3d printing revolutionize the way we manufacture products? Yes, we’re getting there. For inspiration, check out our 31 favorite 3d printing examples below.

31 Examples of 3D Printing

1. Steampunk Guitars

3d printing steampunk guitar

Read more here.

2. Radiolarian Lamps

3d printing radiolarian lamps

Read more here.

3. Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Components


Read more here.

4. Bicycles

3d printing bicycle

Read more here.

5. Drone Planes

3d printing drone planes

Read more here.

6. Electric Cars

3d printing electric car

Read more here.

7. Personalized Action Figures

3d printing action figure

Read more here.

8. Casts

3d printing arm cast

Read more here.

9. Pediatric Heart Models

3d printing pediatric human heart

Read more here.

10. Chocolate Face Molds

3d printing chocolate portraits

Read more here.

11. Surf, Paddle and Sailboards

3d printing surf paddle sail board

Read more here.

12. Garden Tools

3d printing garden tools

Read more here (and see more garden tools you can print).

13. LED Speaker Enclosures

3d printing led speaker enclosures

Read more here.

14. Anthromod Robotic Hands

3d printing robotic hands

Read more here.

15. Customized Shoe Spike Plates

3d printing shoe plates

Read more here.

16. Titanium Watches

3d printing titanium watches

Read more here.

17. Jewelry

3d printing gold ring jewelry

Read more here.

18. Titanium Lower Jaw ImplantS

3d printing jaw implant

Read more here.

19. Eyewear

3d printing eyewear glasses

Read more here.

20. Human Capillaries

Read more here.

21. Automotive Components (GM)

Read more here.

22. Rocket Engine Injectors

Read more here.

23. Magic Arms

24. Bionic Ears

3d printing human bionic ear

Read more here.

25. Spine Cages

3d printing spine cage

Read more here.

26. Insect Biscuits

3d printing insect biscuits

Read more here.

27. Prosthetic Limbs

3d printing prosthetic limb

Read more here.

28. Multi-Material Respirators

Read more here.

29. Architectural Models

Read more here.

30. Human Face Replicas

3d printing human face replica

Read more here.

31. Bacon

3d printing bacon

Last, but certainly not least! Read more here.

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