5 BeagleBoard Projects For Beginners

For BeagleBoard beginners, getting started with your new BeagleBone does not need to be difficult. Following the tutorials covered below, which were created specifically for new BeagleBone users, will allow you to learn the basic BeagleBoard skills you’ll need going forward in a fun and hands-on way.

1) BeagleBoard Step-By-Step Quick Start Guide

BeagleBoard Projects For Beginners

Any new BeagleBone user will want to follow this simple guide, as it will help them understand all the basics they will need to know in order to get the most from their device. Read more.

2) Configure WiFi On Your BeagleBone Black

BeagleBoard Wifi

Setting up WiFi to automatically connect on your BeagleBone Black is probably one of the first things you’ll want to do. This guide is up to date and should be relatively simple for most BeagleBone users to follow. Read more.

3) Control An LED

BeagleBoard LED

Turning an LED bulb on and off with a BeagleBone is a fun project for BeagleBoard beginners, and can be done pretty simply using Python and a few basic parts. Read more.

4) Capture Video And Process Images On The BeagleBone

BeagleBone Image Processing

This is a detailed video tutorial that will help any BeagleBone user turn their device into video camera. It shows how to capture video using a USB webcam and utilize OpenCV to easily handle the image processing work. Read more.

5) Measure Temperature With A BeagleBone

BeagleBoard Temperature Sensor

This guide shows BeagleBoard users how to gather and log temperature data using their BeagleBone Black, Python, a temperature chip, and a breadboard. Read more.

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