5 Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids

Whether in the classroom or home, the Raspberry Pi projects listed below have great lessons to teach kids. From building a Raspberry Pi case out of LEGOs to making one’s own custom video games, the Raspberry Pi gives young people some incredible opportunities to create, learn, and build valuable skills.

Make A LEGO Case For A Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Lego Case

These instructions for a DIY LEGO Raspberry Pi case, created by a 12 year old named Biz, are simple, easy to follow, and a lot of fun. Read more.

Connecting A Raspberry Pi To A Weather Station

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

This detailed how-to would make for a great class project. While the instructions are probably a bit technical for kids to handle on their own, with the help of a teacher or parent they could be used to make an extremely effective and highly educational weather station, powered, of course, by a Raspberri Pi. Read more.

Rename Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids

What kid wouldn’t want to give their Raspberry Pi its own name? This tutorial shows how they could do just that in a few simple steps. Read more.

Raspberry Pi + Coffee Tin = Time Lapse Camera

Raspberry Pi Time Lapse Camera

This guide showing how to turn a coffee tin, a Raspberry Pi, and a few other basic items into a watertight time lapse camera that can be used in virtually any environment would make for yet another great classroom project. Read more.

Using Scratch To Make Video Games And Animations

Raspberry Pi Stratch

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface created by Scratch allows kids to create their own customized video games and animations, while also teaching them valuable programming lessons they can use in the future. Read more.

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