Add Historical Weather Data to Your Weather Dashboard

Do you have a personal weather station running already that you’d really love to compare to what Wunderground said the weather was that day? Did you just start streaming from Wunderground, but wish you could add last month’s weather to your dashboard? We’re here to help!

Wunderground’s historical API makes accessing old weather data super easy. Combine that with your Initial State weather dashboard, and it can make for some interesting discoveries!

Take this data I gathered from my own weather station for instance:

You can see that my air temperature was coming in at about 10 degrees (F) higher than what Wunderground was reporting. My soil temperature, however, was almost an exact match!

Historical weather data is good for more than just verification – you could create your own “almanac dashboard” for weather. Or plot weather patterns around certain major events like hurricanes or tornadoes. The possibilities are endless!

For instructions on creating this script and dashboard, head on over to our tutorial:

Historical Weather Data Dashboard

This tutorial is part of the series, “Learning How to Build Real IoT Applications” >>

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