Motorized Arduino 30-Sec Master Combination Lock Cracker

While we don’t condone lock-breaking or any other malicious activity, we like to share creative maker projects when we see them.

In this case, check out C-C-C-Combo Breaker, a motorized, battery powered, 3D printed, Arduino based device that can crack any Master combination lock in less than 30 seconds.

Designed by Samy Kamkar – he’s got quite an interesting background, including inadvertently crashing MySpace back in the day – the C-C-C-Combo Breaker includes the following hardware:

  • Arduino Nano
  • Allegro A3967 / EasyDriver Stepper Driver (or Allegro A4988)
  • Stepper Motor (or Double Shaft Stepper Motor)
  • HKT22 Optical Rotary Encoder
  • Analog Feedback Servo
  • L7805 Voltage Regulators
  • 500mAh 3S Lipo Battery
  • Lipo Charger
  • Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive
  • Digital Calipers
  • Breadboard and Wires

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