Big Data from Small Places [SlideShare Presentation]

Inside our gadgets and gizmos that fill our heart with glee
Exists an entire world rather difficult to see.

Crack open our devices and there you will find
Doodads and doohickeys and thingamajigs of all kind

These are the things that give life to our stuff
Understanding how it all works well that can be tough

Electronics and sensors, motors and gears
Designing it all that often takes years

Something so important it’s quite the surprise!
There is something else in there you can’t see with your eyes!

Lots and lots of software
Seriously, it’s everywhere

All of that code in each apparatus
Controls everything and updates the status

These little parts make mountains of data.
It starts really early, way before Beta

It starts in the lab, when it’s first being made
It’s just gotta work
It can’t be delayed

Doohickey data
Thingamajig data
Doodad data
Software data

This data is used to find every glitch to make sure it works to check every switch

The more complex the gizmo the more data we will need
to find all the bugs to finish with speed

Once it all works it doesn’t stop there
More have to be built for Finley, Jordan, Gracen, even Aunt Claire

Jillions are made but we cannot be done
until data is used to test every one

Doohickey data vThingamajig data
Doodad data
Software data

If we assemble it wrong or have one bad part
That data will tell us why it won’t start

Once at our house it doesn’t stop there
The data keeps growing through the wear and the tear

Every press of a button
Every blink of a light
Every touch of the screen
Every single night

Doohickey data
Thingamajig data
Doodad data
Software data

Once in your pocket your gadget may break
It’s gotta be fixed
How long will it take?

That data will tell us what went askew
And show the repairman just what to do

Such a crazy world inside each device
It works like magic and runs so precise

What brings our gadgets to life and makes them so smart?
The software’s the brains and the hardware’s the heart

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