Celebrating v2.0 of Cloud-Based Debugging Tools

initialstate-v2-screenshotToday we celebrate the next iteration of our log visualization platform. Welcome to InitialState v2.0! The last few months of our Beta program have been incredible. We pitched our company in a $100,000 start-up competition. We communicated with Beta participants like Max and Joe to learn more about how they use our tools. We put together resources for firmware engineers and reached out to our favorite Internet of Things companies. All this time, our development team has been hard at work responding to feedback and enhancing our tools. Below is our official press release. Today, we’re sending it out to folks in the engineering community. You can download it here if you’d like. We look forward to continued growth and to helping engineers capture and understand product data more effectively. Thanks for your support! initialstate-logo


Jamie Bailey | (859) 475-3291 | jamie@initialstate.com

Initial State Celebrates Version 2.0 of Cloud-Based Debugging Tools

Log data visualization platform now offers more data security with offline mode.

Nashville, TN: Today, Initial State, a log data visualization platform that helps engineers capture and understand product data more effectively, launched v2.0 of its tools to a community of ~500 Beta participants from 40 countries. Two significant feature improvements include instant view, which significantly speeds up transformation of log data into interactive data visualizations without the lag associated with traditional web applications, and unplugged, which enables offline use for data-sensitive engineers. Users now have the option to debug in the cloud without their data ever going to the cloud.

Of the company’s recent feature upgrades, Initial State’s CEO Jamie Bailey said, “Each year, $113B is spent debugging product data in the U.S. alone, and rather than innovating on new technologies, engineers are spending the majority of their time debugging. There’s a huge opportunity to help engineers do their jobs more effectively. Over the last couple of months, some of our Beta users told us that their company security policy restrictions were holding them back. Today, we’re proud to deliver features that not only address this roadblock but also greatly increase the speed of the user experience.”

The test-and-measurement space is undergoing a massive transformation:

  • Today, there are over 18 million engineers worldwide that work on products that produce data.
  • Cisco has predicted that by 2020, over 50 billion devices will be connected.
  • More connected devices will produce an explosion of log data that will be used for analysis and debug.

About Initial State: Initial State is a log data visualization platform that helps engineers capture and understand product data more effectively. Founded in 2012, Initial State opened its doors to Beta users in May 2014, growing its community from a handful of engineering users to ~500 Beta members in 40 countries. The company anticipates launching a paid product this fall. For a limited time, engineers are encouraged to join the free Beta program.

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