Did You Know? Graph Updates Everywhere!

Did you know that we’ve added gridlines and min/max markers to Line Graph tiles? Did you further know that Bar and Pie Charts now have the option to show “Total time spent” or “Count of events”?

If you resize your Line Graph tile to any size larger than the default tile, grid markers will appear so that reading your data values at a glance is even easier.

Notice the little arrows at the very top and bottom of the Line Graphs above? The minimum and maximum values of a signal are now marked on Line Graphs with same-colored arrows. Hovering over the arrow will show you the value.

2016-07-07 Did You Know - Time vs Count Bar and Pie Charts also got some lovin’ – you’ll notice a new “Comparison” option on their configuration tile. Choose between “Total time spent as value” or “Count of events by value” to drive your visualization. You can see the difference between the views in this image.

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