Did You Know? Mobile Visualizations

Our Did You Know series brings some of Initial State’s amazing features to attention while giving tips and tricks on how to make the most of them.

Did you know that we’ve made Initial State much more mobile friendly?

We wanted to give you an easier way to check up on your data on the go – now all you have to do is select the event bucket you want to view and BAM! Instant scrollable dashboard.

To make the experience more fluid, and because some of our apps just weren’t designed to work on mobile, we automatically display all event buckets inside of the Tiles dashboard.

You can just use your finger to scroll down through all of your stream tiles.

Look at a particular value in a Line Graph or Pie Chart by tapping within the tile. You can even use the timeline at the top of the window by swiping over the amount of time you’d like to see. Just tap the timeline to go back to viewing the entire time span for your events. The mobile view also supports our new Compare feature!

You can read more about our mobile experience, more on how Tiles supports the mobile view, and how to turn Initial State into a home screen icon on an iOS device.

Now you have all of your data in the palm of your hand!

Check out mobile!


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