Did You Know? Real-Time Expressions Just Got More Powerful and Affordable

Did you know that real-time expressions just got even more powerful and affordable?

Map Operator

The map operator, :, has been added to the list of supported operators available in real-time expressions. This operator allows you to map specific values or value ranges in a data stream to constants or even values from another data stream. For example, you can map and display an emoji such as 🔥 to any value over 80 in a temperature stream. Check out a detailed example of how to use the map operator here.

$10 Personal Tier with Real-Time Expressions

The newly launched $10/mo Personal tier contains one of the most powerful features previously only available in the Professional and Enterprise tiers – real-time expressions. Read more about each of our tiers here.

You can keep up with every new feature release by visiting https://www.initialstate.com/whatsnew/.

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