Did You Know? Tiles Gauge Graph

Our Did You Know series brings some of Initial State’s amazing features to attention while giving tips and tricks on how to make the most of them.

Did you know that you can now view gauges on your Tiles dashboard? Just go to Tiles, click on “Edit Tiles” above your dashboard, then click on “Type” in the top right corner of the event tile you want to change, and select “Gauge Graph”.

Voila! Now you can see your events as a handy dandy gauge that displays the current value relative to the minimum and maximum values for the time period selected.

In the example above, the signal Lamp(power) has a min/max of 0/65.7, so a value of 41.9 is shown as roughly two-thirds of the maximum value.

This is super useful for quickly seeing how much power you’re using, battery level, or even how many users are on your site today compared to yesterday!

Check out gauges now!

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