Did You Know? Timeline Just Got A Lot More Interactive


Did you know that the timeline in Tiles just got a big update that makes it a lot more interactive? You can now zoom in and out of the timeline and pan left and right to give you fine control of a time range selection. You can use your mouse wheel, the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys, or a new right-click dropdown menu to zoom in and out of the timeline. Once you are zoomed in, you can use the → and ← arrow keys to pan the timeline right and left. If you have a mouse that supports panning (e.g. Apple Magic Mouse) or a trackpad, left/right swipe will pan. Read more about the new timeline pan and zoom options here.


Did you know that you can view or “tail” the data from the last 24 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or whatever time frame you choose? Simply select a time range on the timeline that includes the most recent time (make sure the selection is all the way to the right of the timeline) and the amount of time selected will stay constant but always be updated to include data from the most recent time. As new data streams into view, old data slides out of view. Use the new timeline zoom feature along with the tail feature to select the exact amount of time you want to see updated in your Tiles dashboard. More details on the timeline tail feature can be found here.

Check out these updates now!

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