Did You Know? Measure Energy Costs in Real-Time + New Power Features

Compute Energy Costs in Real-Time


Did you know that a new Summary (statistics) tile type is now available? The Total tile type gives you the ability to add up the total of each value in a data stream for a selected time range. There is also an option to add up each value multiplied by the time spent as each value. This option gives you a super easy way to convert Watts (W) to Watt-Hours (Wh). You can use real-time expressions to complete the conversion of Watts to energy costs. Check out a detailed example here.

Search Inside a Data Stream


You can now search for specific values, partial matches, and ranges inside of a data stream in Waves using real-time expressions. Select a data stream and use the shortcut, $, to reference that selection in your expression instead of typing out the full name. You can use the new operator, ~, to search for a partial match. For example, you can search for all occurrences of the word “error” in a signal by first highlighting that signal and using the expression, =$~”error”. You can find more examples here.

More Math Options

Sine, cosine, tangent, and Pi have been added to the math package in real-time expressions. A list of all operators can be found here

You can keep up with every new feature release by visiting https://www.initialstate.com/whatsnew/.

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