Did You Know? Embed Dashboards for Custom Branding

Our Did You Know series brings some of Initial State’s amazing features to attention while giving tips and tricks on how to make the most of them.

Did you know that you can embed Initial State dashboards on your own website for custom branding? The dashboards remain interactive – every viewer will see the dashboard update in real-time just as you do when you are inside of your Initial State account.

^this is an embedded dashboard of the live weather in Franklin, TN – try playing around with the timeline!

Embedding is super easy – when enabled, a simple iframe embed HTML element is generated that you can copy and paste into your website or blog. This allows you to wrap whatever design, branding, or tools you want around your real-time Tiles dashboard.

To generate an iframe element, simply click on the share icon for the desired bucket in the bucket shelf, check the “Share by Embed” checkbox, and copy the iframe element text. You can even let viewers rearrange the dashboard and change chart types by checking the “Allow editing when embedded” box. Otherwise, viewers will see the dashboard exactly as you have organized it. ShareByEmbed

You can find a complete code example of building a responsive web page around a dashboard and a live example in our support articles.

This feature is only available to Individual tier users, but upgrading is cheap and commitment free!

Embed Your Visualizations Now!

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