Getting Started with the Matrix Creator – Sensor Box

A new add-on board for the Raspberry Pi is here and it is absolutely loaded with LEDs, sensors, and even a microphone array! Say hello to the stylishly circular Matrix Creator. It fits sleekly on top of your Raspberry Pi and conveniently looks like the top of the Amazon Echo (which you can totally build with it).

We’re here to get you up and running with the Matrix and also to show you how to stream all of its sensor data to Initial State!

Project level: Advanced Beginner
Approximate time to complete: 1 hour
Sensor level: Over 9000!

This tutorial goes over how to setup and use the various sensors on the Matrix Creator and then build a dashboard. Specifically, you will:

  • Connect the Matrix Creator to the Pi
  • Interface with the Matrix using NodeJS and the MALOS interface
  • Read from 4 different sensors to get 11 different conditions
  • Send collected data to a real-time, web-based dashboard

Get Started with the Matrix Creator Sensor Box Now!

This tutorial is part of the series, “Learning How to Build Real IoT Applications” >>

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