Built.io Flow Integration with Initial State

Built.io is an awesome company that offers integration-as-a-service (in addition to mobile backend and content management for enterprise). We are very excited to say that Initial State has been added to the integration activities inside of Built.io’s Flow platform! Built.io Flow provides a visual click-and-drag interface for integrating with countless other services and connected devices.

Their integration flows take mere minutes to set up. To add Initial State to your flow, search for it in the Activities bar and drag both the “Create Bucket” and “Send Events Data” activities into the flow. Inside of the “Create Bucket” activity, you must enter your Initial State Access Key and desired Bucket Key:

Built io create bucket

Then go to the “Send Events Data” activity, enter the same Access Key and Bucket Key, and then specify the name and value you want to send:

Built io send data

And that’s all there is to it! It’s that easy!

You can find extensive documentation on the new Initial State integration here: https://flowdocs.built.io/activity?category=Initial-state

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