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iot platform companiesThe Internet of Things (IoT) is the exploding network of objects, sensors, and “things” connected to the internet.

The IoT ecosystem contains a number of different types of companies, from wireless sensor companies to single-board computer enhancements like the GrovePi for Raspberry Pi.

In this post, we’ll take a look at middleware IoT platforms, companies that specialize in connecting IoT devices to the Internet superhighway.

Below is a list of 12 prominent IoT platform companies. If you’re a company and don’t see yourself on this list, please comment at the bottom of this post and we’ll make sure to add you!

In no particular order…


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evrythng logoEVRYTHNG is the award-winning IoT cloud platform that connects any consumer product to the Web and manages real-time data to drive applications. Smart products don’t just deliver connected experiences and support services, they share data with enterprise systems and other device clouds for smarter ROI.


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konekt-logoKonekt offers full-stack cellular connectivity for your devices. Their platform is a powerful union of cellular plans, cloud infrastructure and APIs, whether you’re building an Internet-connected energy meter or a toaster that tweets. Konekt has the right setup for you!


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mode-logoMODE is a full-stack IoT platform that can help you launch the next big thing. From building your hardware and software using the tools of your choice to connecting them to the MODE cloud and ultimately shipping your product and managing everything from your computer, MODE can help you break into the IoT world.


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carriots logoCarriots is an IoT cloud platform that support your business. Using Carriots, you can connect devices and build M2M for them, and then you can capture and manage your data. Turn your devices into smarter, IoT enabled data machines.


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thethings logoBuild cool things and then connect them to the Internet using thethings.iO. From device monitorization and management to real-time connectivity, alarms, rules and jobs, thethings.iO provides an IoT backend solution for developers with an easy and flexible API. Use any of their supported protocols: HTTP, Websockets, MQTT or CoAP.


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sitewhere logoRegister and provision your devices with SiteWhere. Use a command framework to simplify your device communication. Store complete command history and correlate responses. Use a powerful provisioning engine to interact with your devices. Register devices manually, in batches, or via self-registration, and emulate device messages directly from an administrative application.


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aeris logoAeris is unique in its ability to provide you with a complete solution – from connectivity to application platform – for your M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) programs. Their CDMA, GSM, and LTE were built from the ground up for the unique needs of machines. Unlike other mobile network operators, Aeris is 100% dedicated to M2M and IoT; there is no consumer traffic on their network.

Because the Aeris network and technologies were built exclusively for M2M and IoT, you’ll benefit from the lowest cost and best service in the industry; plus their experts will help you create a rate plan and structure that makes sense for your unique business needs.


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prosyst logoProSyst provides the most advanced open standards (OSGi, HGI, etc.) based middleware for connecting and managing devices in the cloud as well as for developing, implementing and updating innovative IoT applications.

They provide a complete range of products from the application platform runtime stack, tools and SDKs to a highly advanced remote management/ provisioning platform. With their 100+ in-house Java/OSGi engineers, they bring together recognized software expertise, professional processes and the ability to meet the technical requirements of device manufacturers and service providers.


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2lemetry logo2lemetry is an Internet of Things platform and technology company that powers the connected enterprise, tying people, processes, data and devices together—transforming raw data into real-time actionable intelligence.

Their ThingFabric Platform offers the only open IoT enablement platform that delivers actionable insights — giving you a competitive advantage.


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temboo logoGenerate production-ready code, connect your hardware instantly, and enhance and extend your devices with Temboo, a cloud-based platform that has 2000+ things you can do, helping you to extend your hardware like it’s software. Their offload processing to the cloud gives customers more intelligence and remote reprogramming.


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tempoiq logoMake your sensor data simple with TempoIQ, a set APIs to collect, monitor, analyze, & store your sensor data in realtime. Just three lines of code to get started.


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xively logoXively is an enterprise IoT platform and application solution that simplifies the way companies securely and robustly connect their products & users, manage IoT data at scale, and engage more closely with their customers, users & partners.

We know this list of 12 IoT platform companies is incomplete. If your company (or a company you know) is not featured, please comment below and we’ll add it to this list. Thanks!

16 Responses

  1. Sanju Thomas says:

    Our IoT platform is not featured

  2. Rodney Gantan says:

    How is this a “best” list without Ayla Networks?

  3. Olga says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks a lot for compiling such a useful list!

    I would recommend adding Kaa IoT Platform to it. It is 100 % open-source middleware platform for rapid creation of IoT solutions.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  4. Daria Chen says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Our team is also building up a cloud platform for IoT devices, https://mcs.mediatek.com/, called MCS.
    I would like to recommend this solution and it is free and with comprehensive controllers and APIs provided!

    Thank you!

    Daria Chen

  5. Aditya says:


    This list is incomplete without Automatski. Automatski is the most comprehensive Iot Platform in the world today. It offers
    – A.I. IoT™
    – Algorithmic IoT™
    – AutoBus
    – AutoGate
    – AutoSIM
    – Cognitive IoT™
    – Custom CryptoCurrency
    – Edge Analytics™
    – Edge Cloud™
    – Fog Computing™
    – Gamification
    – Grid IoT™
    – Grunt App Framework
    – infinions.io
    – IoT DB™
    – Middleware
    – Mobile
    – Nano Apps™
    – Natural Language Server
    – P2P IoT™
    – Reference BI Architecture
    – Reference Big Data Architecture
    – Reference Compute Cluster Architecture
    – Reference IoT/ICT Architecture
    – Reference Message Bus Architecture
    – Reference Monitoring Architecture
    – Serverless IoT™
    – SmartCitySIM
    – Social IoT™
    – Surrealism™
    – Visuelle™
    – WirelessSIM

  6. Aanchal says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for putting together this list of IoT platforms out there.

    We at Joojip are building a powerful Stream Analytics Platform which we believe can not only help developers build IoT apps easily but also build applications for Real-time streaming data. I would like to recommend adding Joojip to the list as well – http://www.joojip.com

    Thank you!


  7. Subhash Tantry says:

    Please check out Atomiton’s TQL Platform.

  8. Connect2.Me is an end-to-end IoT Platform. Connect devices, sensors, databases, APIs, etc. Full Big Data analytic engine for both historical and streaming capabilities. Dashboard builder. Event management and workflow capabilities as well.


  9. Hello,

    We are new platfor, check out https://locbit.com. Our core technology is called CML, which stands for (Common Machine Language). Feed back is appreciated.

  10. Timo Paschke says:

    Hello and many thanks for putting up this list. Maybe I am pointing out the obvious, but how about we add Microsoft IOT to the list?

  11. Tony Butcher says:

    Probably Assetwolf should be added to this list (http://assetwolf.com), it’s an easy to start iot platform and portal.

  12. Eimar says:

    Built for high ingestion speed and high data retrieval: DB4IoT

  13. Ron says:

    B-Scada – 10+ years of delivering IoT solutions….
    Status Device Cloud – Cloud Based SCADA

  14. Jared says:

    I’d like to recommend http://www.rayven.io
    the Rayven Iot platform simplifies the process of developing and delivering powerful IoT/M2M applications.
    Where you can connect , configure, deploy, analyze & optimize your smart products, from one centralized powerful & flexible IOT platform.
    Its all drag and drop with no coding needed.

  15. Josh says:

    How does this list not include https://exosite.com/

    Exosite is one of the only IoT platforms that I know of that actually has clients deploying real IoT applications at a large scale, not just talking about the endless possibilities of IoT.

  16. Ajay Kapoor says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Bridgera’s IoT platform is missing from this list. Kindly update.

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