Weekly Envy: Kairos T-Band Smartwatch

The Weekly Envy highlights one piece of cool tech that we’ve come across lately and really wish we could buy! 

From Kairos:

The Kairos T-Band is a unique take on the smartwatch that puts all of the “smart” in the wristband. 

It can do what most fitness wearables can (like take heart rate, track calorie burn, and record sleep cycles), but the OLED display is what really makes it stand out.



Providing a way to visualize your notifications and apps while allowing touch commands, the T-Band makes it easy to do everything a smartwatch should – take remote pictures, cycle through music, quick-reply to text messages, read emails and push notifications…even navigate!

My favorite part about the band is that you can attach whatever watch face you want to it. You read that right, you can buy just the smartband. That means I can make my Hello Kitty watch smart! Hooray!

You don’t have to get a band with a display, either. The T-Band ND trades a screen for a galvanic skin sensor, better battery life, and a smaller price tag. So your watch can really be just as smart as you want.

The T-Band OD comes in at $299 – not a bad price at all for a smartwatch. Removing the display takes the price down to $199. You can also purchase the band with a black, chrome or gold Kairos analog watch, which bumps the price up to over $1,000.

You can order the Kairos T-Band here: https://kairoswatches.com/tbands/

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