Know Who’s at the Office with the Raspberry Pi

Looking for an easy and useful project for that Raspberry Pi you just have lying around? Setup a sensor-free presence detector to let you know when someone’s close enough to connect to the WiFi! Know who’s home and who’s not or when your favorite coworkers are at the office.

This WiFi-based presence detector will take hardly any time at all, and you’ll suddenly have a base for triggering all sorts of things when someone is detected.

Project level: Beginner
Approximate time to complete: An hour or less
Proximity to getting intro music: One step closer

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will:

  • setup the Pi Zero to scan for devices on a WiFi network and use that to determine who is “home”
  • stream collected data to a web service you can access from anywhere
  • setup a “service” to run your script every time the Pi boots up
  • setup text alerts every time someone arrives or leaves

Find Out Who’s at the Office!

This tutorial is part of the series, “Learning How to Build Real IoT Applications” >>

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