Live Cryptocurrency Monitor using AWS Lambda

Build a dashboard that monitors and tracks cryptocurrency prices over time! The dashboard below is about a week’s worth of data. It’s interactive (be sure to scroll to the right to see everything!) and mainly focused on Ethereum. Building a real-time version of this dashboard is simple and serverless – keep reading to get started.

Project difficulty:  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
*Note:  as AWS frequently updates their services, some steps in this tutorial may slightly differ over time

Create an Initial State account:

Create a bucket:

  • Click the create bucket icon icon (Create HTTPS Bucket)
  • Name your bucket whatever you want
  • Check the Configure Endpoint Keys box
  • Name your Bucket Key something easy like “cryptoprice”

Create an AWS account:

Create a Lambda function:

      • Under AWS Services, navigate to Lambda
      • Click Get Started Now
      • Select Blank Function
      • On the Configure triggers page, click the empty, dashed box next to the Lambda logo
      • Select “CloudWatch Events”

AWS Lambda CloudWatch Events - Schedule

    • In Rule, create a new rule named whatever you want — I named mine “every-5” because I want this trigger to happen every 5 minutes
    • In Rule description, briefly describe the rule
    • For Schedule expression, type “rate(5 minutes)” or use a cron expression
    • Do NOT select enable trigger; we will do that later

    • On the Configure function page, name the function… I named mine “cryptoPrices”
    • Though not necessary, feel free to write a function description
    • Select Python 3.6

    • Within the Lambda function code text box, paste this code
    • Paste your Initial State Bucket Key and Initial State Access Key
      on Lines 6 and 7 (your Initial State Bucket and Access Keys can be found within your bucket settings)
    • In Handler, type lambda_function.lambda_handler
    • For Role, select “Create custom role” (this will open a new tab)
    • For IAM Role, select “basic-execution”
    • For Policy Name, select “Create a new Role Policy”
    • Click Allow

    • Now for Role, ensure “Choose an existing role” is selected
    • For Existing Role, select “lambda-basic-execution”
    • Leave everything else as is and click Next

    • Review your work, then create your function!
    • On the next page, click on **Test** in the upper right hand corner
    • An Input test event box will pop up with the “Hello World” sample event template
    • Leave that as is and click Save and Test

  • If it says Execution result: failed it is OK. Check Initial State to see if any data came in and make sure the error was from exiting before completion. The function is working – I just added an exit to keep it from waiting forever and then failing on a timeout.
  • On the Triggers tab, select Enable
  • You just created a Lambda function! Cryptocurrency data will now stream to your Initial State bucket every 5 minutes.

Here’s what my current Cryptocurrency dashboard looks like – it’s been live since June 23:

If you want to know how to display things like overall change in value or trend, scroll up to the interactive dashboard, right-click on one of the tiles and click “Configure”. You will be able to see how I used real-time expressions and emoji support to build my dashboard.

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