Major Release: Real-Time Expressions


Several months ago, we developed an alpha version of expressions to allow you to manipulate, transform, and filter data inside of Waves. Today, we released a completely revamped, more powerful version of our expression engine that we think you are going to find ridiculously useful.

A few of the changes:

  • Expressions are now real-time, updating instantly with incoming data.
  • Expressions are available in both Waves and Tiles.
  • Expressions automatically save for instant reload.
  • Multiple data streams can be input into a single expression.

Example use cases:

  • Filter out unwanted data (example).
  • Unit conversion (example).
  • Smooth out a noisy line graph (example).
  • Mathematically combine multiple data streams into one (example).

Real-time expressions are now available for all users in the Individual tier. Learn more about how to use real-time expressions with even more examples here.


Selecting colors has been a highly requested feature. All users┬ácan now select the color of each data stream’s line graph by going to Tile Configuration and clicking on the color icon to the right of the Signal Key field for each listed data stream.

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