Major Release: Unlimited Real-Time SMS & Email Triggers!

Last February, we introduced an invitation-only Alpha for a new feature called Triggers to a select group of paid Initial State users. Triggers is our solution to real-time notifications and actions on live data streams. The instant the condition you set becomes true, the action you’ve configured is performed. The most ambitious and difficult aspect of this new feature is making it real-time. We set out to create an incredible experience from setup to first notification. That means setting up a trigger is extremely simple and no unnecessary delays in the evaluating the trigger or sending of the notification action. We think what we built is pretty awesome, and the feedback from our early adopters suggests that we just might be right.

The biggest questions have been: when will Triggers officially be released? and exactly how will Triggers be priced?

Today is the day those questions finally get answers. We wanted to keep pricing as simple as our data streaming and retention pricing; so, starting today, users in the Individual tier will be able to create an unlimited* number of Triggers and receive an unlimited* number of SMS & email notifications.

If you are already a Individual user, you should now see the Triggers tab in your data bucket’s settings. If you are not a Individual user, take advantage of this new release and upgrade your account today. Your data is calling.

*per the terms of use (TL;DR – don’t be a jerk)

Check out triggers now!

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