Makerspace Profile: FizzPOP

Each week, as we get to know our community and the broader IoT movement, we’re fortunate to connect with some remarkable individuals and organizations. In our “Makerspace Profile” series, we interview makerspace founders to learn more about the maker movement around the world.

In this profile, you’ll meet FizzPOP based in Birmingham, UK.

How did FizzPOP start?


fizzPOP as a group originally started as an idea between a pair of artists that live in the area back in 2009. The group moved and changed till eventually in 2013 we got our our building, this year we moved on to our second building.

What was the initial response to Radicand Lab like?


I wasn’t there in the start so I can’t tell you about that. When we first moved into the building we had a massive initial buzz and loads of volunteers but it there is a core group who turn up come wind or rain.

What kind of equipment and resources do you provide participants?


We have:

Donation room, here we have been giving random useful objects that members can take apart and use to build new items. Everything from thin clients to valves that were part of a radio station transmitter.

Class/Living room, where most of our public nights happen. Sofas, tables, sound system and more sockets than should hopefully be ever required.

Metal working room: lathe, mill, heavy duty chop saw and pillar drill. Also gets used as tool storage.

Woodworking/Large workshop. Nominally the wood working room but also used when people need more space for certain projects. Lathe, Compound saws, drills, skill saw, band saw, finishing station and a soon to be plumbed in shop vac.

Textiles room. Initially setup to make use of a spare room for one of our burlesque preforming members it has become one of the more popular rooms specially with Halloween just gone. 2 sewing machine, dressmakers doll on a stand, manikin, long table for cutting fabric, foam heads and a large mirror on the wall.

Electronics room: Lab power supplies, more oscilloscopes that we really need, bread board, soldering irons, components,  and 3 nice big tables to scatter your project over.

Quiet room, if you really need to get some thing done without anyone bothering you? Grab the tools you need, head in here and shut the door.

We also have vast amounts of lockets for members to keep their things in, a kitchen, male and female toliets and 2 rooms we have plans for but waiting on time/money.

What does “hacking” mean to you and your community?

I personally think the fixers (bit PC but …) manifesto by Sugru covers our thoughts better than I can.

What projects are people working on?


Glados style robot, rc fight club, various costumes, 3d printers, 3d scanners, musical bbq, musical instruments and coding in more languages than I know of.

What are your future plans?

Same thing we do every night, try to take over the world….  We would like to get some grant writing done, we would love our own building so fizzPOP can be there in 20 years time and a CNC lab.

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