Makerspace Profile: Hammerspace

Each week, as we get to know our community and the broader IoT movement, we’re fortunate to connect with some remarkable individuals and organizations. In our “Makerspace Profile” series, we interview makerspace founders to learn more about the maker movement around the world.

In this profile, you’ll meet Hammerspace based in Kansas City, MO

How did Hammerspace start?

I saw the need for a space with proper tools and equipment for Kansas City’s creative community. A disused and obsolete phone company building provided 1200 amp three phase power , an emergency shower, great infrastructure for installing new power, compressed air and dust control.


What was the initial response to Hammerspace like?

We started Hammerspace around an existing community, so we had a good strong start.  We had 40 members lined up and ready to use the space before we opened the doors.


What kind of equipment and resources do you provide participants?

EVERYTHING. Everything for woodworking,  metal working, silver smithing,  air brushing, sand blasting, molding and casting,  sculpting and special effects, robotics, electronics, cnc laser and cnc router and cnc plasma cutter. From welding to embroidery to electronics to animatronics.


What does “hacking” mean to you and your community?

Taking something and changing it to improve its function or adapt to your needs.

What projects are people working on?

Air powered steam engines made with a 3rd printer,   Solar powered robotic plant legs, rocket ship interiors,  robotic water cannon sentries, home automation accessories, robotic tails and wings, cast foam hammers, voodoo dolls,  comic book storage crates, silkscreened art, frankenstuffy mutant stuffed animals.

welding pic 1

What are your future plans?

We just built two new workshop buildings and we would like to build more. We would also like to start a scholarship program with the support of local companies to provide memberships for at risk youth who have talent and interest but lack the resources to pursue their gifts.


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