Makerspace Profile: JMoon MakerSpace

Each week, as we get to know our community and the broader IoT movement, we’re fortunate to connect with some remarkable individuals and organizations. In our “Makerspace Profile” series, we interview makerspace founders to learn more about the maker movement around the world.

In this profile, you’ll meet JMoon MakerSpace based in New Delhi, India.

How did JMoon MakerSpace start?

JMoon MakerSpace was started to allow the engineering students and professionals a place to work and create the projects they like, without worrying about buying costly tools and electronic parts each time they have an idea they would like to try out.


What was the initial response to JMoon MakerSpace like?

Initially, though we were expecting engineering students to be more interested, working professionals were the majority members. However, the participation of students is increasing steadily.

What kind of equipment and resources do you provide participants?

We have tools, parts and books related to- robotics, home automation, wearables, and cosplay. The full list can be seen here- The makers can directly purchase in-stock products featured on RoboRium ( at the space and can even get parts on loan for a small percentage of the purchase cost. The initial resources were provided by JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( but it now relies mainly on the membership fees to run. We are getting our first 3D printer, courtesy of JMoon Technologies, in a few weeks.


What does “hacking” mean to you and your community?

Hacking is all about combining different skills in a new way, to solve a problem. Taking apart some machines to build new projects is a big part of that. We love using art and science in a single project.

What projects are people working on?

Projects of home automation and robotics like- Robotic Hand, Motion-Detecting Security System using Lasers, Automatic Plant Watering System. New inexperienced members usually start out small by experimenting with Arduino or Raspberry-Pi, and then move on to projects that strike their fancy. One project, starting soon, is an Iron-Man suit for Comic-Con India – Delhi, to be held in February.


What are your future plans?

One of our main plans is to add wood working and airbrush painting sections. We will also start allowing students below 18 years of age, access to the tools soon. Organizing regular courses and events is on the agenda as well.

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