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Each week, as we get to know our community and the broader IoT movement, we’re fortunate to connect with some remarkable individuals and organizations. In our “Makerspace Profile” series, we interview makerspace founders to learn more about the maker movement around the world.

In this profile, you’ll meet based in Blagoveshchensk, Russia.

How did Tech-In.RU start?

10169351_724374257649340_140826660033786451_n I was participating in activities of DimSumLabs hackerspace in Hong Kong. In my home town (Blagoveshcnesk). I’ve organized a few events related to open innovations, Arduino and robotics. This helped me to meet few guys who were interested in building a community and hackerspace. We started our hackerspace on September 30.

What was the initial response to Tech-In.RU like?

Most people not really understand what Tech-In.RU is!  However people are [becoming] interested in what we are doing.

What kind of equipment and resources do you provide participants?


Right now we don’t have our own place and share with local a co-working space for our events. So we don’t have shared equipment in one place. But we have 3D printers, Arduino boards, soldering equipment. For special needs we can arrange access to CNC and milling machines.  Hope we will find new place soon.

What does “hacking” mean to you and your community?

We are looking on “hachking” as deep learning of technology to be able to change and build new products.

What projects are people working on?


We have few projects related to educational electronics, 3D displays, robotics and web services for schools.

What are your future plans?

We are going to build an accelerator for hardware projects of our community.


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