The Next Step: Official Launch

Brace yourselves, the next version of Initial State is here and it is stinking amazing. We wanted some awesome updates to share with you when we decided to exit our invite-only Beta, and we think we’ve delivered.

One of the first things you’re going to notice is that everything is faster. Load times, interacting inside of the app, seeing your data when you stream it – they all happen in milliseconds now.

You’re probably thinking “Seeing your data when you stream it – but I could never do that without refreshing!” Allow us to blow your mind.

Launch GIF

You can now see data that you stream into Initial State update in real time as it gets sent. Read more about Real Time Updating.

Another exciting new feature came highly requested by our wonderful Beta users. The ability to append data to an existing dataset is now yours. And it doesn’t just have to be coming from the same Python script running on your Raspberry Pi – you can send data from as many devices as you want into the same bucket for comparison against each other. Read more about Appending.

Don’t want to write your script in Python? No problem. With our public REST API, you can send data to us using any language. Read more about our REST API.

TLDR? These are our new features:

But wait, there’s more! We have now integrated a pricing structure into Initial State. Don’t panic – you can still try everything out for free! Read about our Pricing.

Want to give super simple streaming into a super useful visualization a try?

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