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I talk to a lot of people about our startup. It seems like I answer the same questions every day. A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me a different question that made me pause and think. He asked, “Why are you doing this? What’s driving you?” I had been so focused on the task at hand that I had never stopped to think about how I would answer such a question. My answer was the only logical one that I could imagine being given by any entrepreneur hell-bent on putting a dent in the universe. We are doing this because it’s our turn.

We have worked for other companies and seen things that need to change. It’s our turn to be the ones to make that change. We have put in ridiculous hours working on ideas that people said we were crazy to work on. It’s our turn to show those people that they are the ones who were crazy not to believe in us. We have read every Brad Feld book and blog post on startups (which is a LOT, that guy is a machine). It’s our turn to take what we have learned to create the world’s next great company. It’s our turn to show you that going to work and having fun can be one and the same. It’s our turn to move faster and out-execute every bloated, big corporation who spends too much time in pointless meetings and too little time figuring out what people actually want and need. It’s our turn to piss off a lot of people who do not want anyone messing with their product roadmaps. It’s our turn to be the ones who change the game. We are a group of unknown, ambitious, fearless entrepreneurs, and it’s our turn to introduce ourselves.

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