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In this post, we’ll meet Michael Tacker of Suwanee, Georgia.

What are you working on, Michael?

A Raspberry Pi-hosted WordPress site!

What hardware/software are you using?

Raspberry Pi model B+ and Edimax wireless adapter.

Software running on the Raspberry Pi includes:

  • PHP5 for server-side scripting
  • Apache as the web server
  • MySQL database
  • phpMyAdmin for managing the MySQL database
  • WordPress as the blogging software

raspberry pi wordpress hostingWhy did you get involved with this project?

Was a great way to learn Python. Also, I used the RPi with breadboard to present to students at the ‘Hour of Code’ event at an Atlanta area school.

What has been your biggest challenge with this project?

Probably the biggest challenge has been configuring Apache and WordPress correctly so that the blog is the primary website. Next thing I would like to try is hosting multiple sites (different URLS) on the Raspberry Pi using a virtual hosts configuration.

Do you use Initial State for data streaming or visualization?

Not yet, but this is something I am interested in.

You guys have a very cool idea at Initial State.  I work with Hadoop, ingesting data from all over the organization.  But, I really believe the next big explosion is going to be in sensor data.  Your visualization tools are right on time.

Any additional comments, notes or resources you want to share with the maker community?

Yes! You can see the blog hosted on the Raspberry Pi at:

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