Raspberry Pi + Internet of Things Workshop = PiOT

Below is a press release we just issued this afternoon! After a few weeks of successful PiOT workshops, we’re starting to get the word out and, hopefully over the next few months, expand to some other cities.

raspberry pi internet of things workshop

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Nashville EC Accelerator Graduate Launches PiOT 101 Workshop

Initial State helps introduce users to Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things.

Nashville, TN: At the Nashville Entrepreneurial Center on Wednesday evenings, enthusiastic makers and engineers plunge into the Internet of Things (IoT), an industry revolving around the increased interconnectivity of sensor-embedded devices, data, and the Internet that is expected to add $1.7 trillion to the global economy by 2019.

Run by Initial State, an IoT data solutions company and 2012 EC Accelerator graduate, the PiOT workshop uses the Raspberry Pi (RPi) to teach participants how to create hardware + software + Internet-enabled applications they can easily replicate at home. From RPi fundamentals to wiring simple circuits, writing Python code, and live-streaming data, participants get a true hands-on experience.

ian lee nashmicroThe Initial State PiOT workshop was fantastic. This was my first time to program a RPi and the folks at Initial State made it very easy to understand. Integrating with their web APIs was very easy, also. I left the workshop not wondering how the RPi works but instead wondering which awesome project I was going to make with it.

-NashMicro founder and president Ian Lee

When asked why he and his team started the PiOT workshop, Initial State CEO Jamie Bailey commented, “The IoT is just getting started. Gartner Research believes that 50% of the industry will be realized by Makers and young startup companies, an opportunity both our team and the Nashville Entrepreneurial Center are proud to support.”

Anyone interested in attending a PiOT workshop can learn more at: http://piot.io

About Initial State: Initial State is an IoT data solutions company that helps makers and engineers capture, visualize, and interact with data from their internet connected devices and sensors. Founded in 2012, Initial State opened its doors to Beta users in May 2014.

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