5 Raspberry Pi Projects For Beginners

When someone gets a new Raspberry Pi, they are often overwhelmed by the endless possibilities for projects they could use it for. To help with that, we have looked around and found five great projects for Raspberry Pi beginners, which will help build useful skills and create fun results.

1) DIY With The Raspberry Pi: A Beginner’s Guide

Raspberry Pi Projects For Beginners

This great tutorial will walk any new Raspberry Pi user through the process of configuring all the basic functions they will want their device to have, giving them a nice base on which to build their skills and capabilities going forward. Read more.

2) Configure WiFi On A Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Wifi

The steps in this guide make it easy to configure WiFi on a Raspberry Pi using a USB adapter, which is a tool that all beginner Raspberry Pi users will want to get. Read more.

3) A Wireless LCD Photo Frame Powered By Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Photo Frame

This is a neat project that will allow Raspberry Pi users to display an image wirelessly on a Parrot LCD photo frame. Read more.

4) Easy Raspberry Pi Game Console Setup

Raspberry Pi Gaming

Turning a Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming console is one of the most popular projects for new Raspberry Pi users. This great video tutorial will guide any beginner through the process. Read more.

5) Making A Raspberry Pi Case

Raspberry Pi DIY Case

Since Raspberry Pi users typically have a do-it-yourself attitude, it’s no surprise that there are lots of helpful tutorials out there showing how anyone can make a customized Raspberry Pi case with easily obtainable materials. This guide is one of our favorites. Read more.

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