15 Best Online Resources for Firmware Engineers

We pinged a LinkedIn group of 5,000+ firmware engineers to ask what online resources they valued most for acquiring various bits of industry knowledge and information.

While the below list can’t possibly include all of the resource gems out there, we trust that these resources will help you to become more productive and resourceful.

Have an addition to our list? Please comment below!

Best Resources for Firmware Engineers


1. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange


As the name implies, the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a forum, specifically for electrical engineers who are eager to create a community of like-minded individuals willing to help answer questions and seek out guidance when asking questions with fellow engineers.

There’s a well defined tagging system to help find answers to questions, and users can earn a reputation for answering questions that get voted up. And once answered satisfactorily, the answer is “accepted” by the person who asked it.

2. Quora

Quora Firmware Engineer


Similar to the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange, Quora is a great resource to get answers from firmware engineers who have real-life, first hand experience. Quora’s goal is to have each question page become the best possible resource for users seeking answers.

Thought Leaders & Industry Experts

3. Jack Ganssle

Jack Ganssle Embedded Systems Engineer

Jack Ganssle’s Bio

Ganssle is a world-leading system embedded engineer, author, speaker, advisor, and entrepreneur. Ganssle’s website offers a treasure trove of “down-to-earth embedded talk, hints, tricks and ideas about better ways to build embedded systems” for firmware engineers who focus on embedded systems, including The Embedded Muse, a bi-monthly newsletter that provides solid insights and resources for embedded engineers.

4. Michael Barr

Michael Barr Electrical Engineer

Twitter: @embeddedbarr

Barr is a very prolific and an expert author, speaker, and advisor within the embedded engineering community. Barr has an active newsletter, blog at EmbeddedGurus, and is a regular contributor on Twitter.

Industry Conferences & Events

5. IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society Calendar

IEEE Computer Society Calendar

The IEEE Computer Society has a very comprehensive and up-to-date calendar for IEEE events and conferences. In addition, the IEE Computer Society publishes does a nice job of including links to women in engineering. Check out Women in Computing.

6. EE|Live!

EE|Live!, 2015, Santa Clara, CA

EE|Live! – June 22-25, Santa Clara, CA

The 2014 EE conference is a wrap and the 2015 colossal conference for electrical engineers will be held June 22-25, in Santa Clara, CA. This years keynote speakers include:

Communities & Associations

7. EEWeb

EEWeb Electrical Engineering Community

EEWeb is an electrical engineering community for hardware designers, including design tools and calculators, articles, jobs, events, and forums. EEWeb also publishes Embedded Developer Magazine, Modern Test & Measure, Pulse, as well as several other magazines for engineers.

8. Embedded

Embedded.com Systems Development

Embedded.com is a destination for systems developers and designers. From the latest trends, tips, source code, product updates, and practical design information, Embedded.com has lots of helpful resources for engineers.

9. Embedded Computing Design

Embedded Computing Design
Embedded Computing Design

Embedded Computing Design is targeted at engineers, architects, and decision makers looking at silicon, software, and strategies for embedded devices. Embedded Computing Design also has an extensive listing of upcoming and archived webcasts.

10. EngineeringTV

ElectricalTV for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

As its name implies, EngineeringTV features engineering and technology related videos for electrical and mechanical engineers. Engineering TV houses more than 500 videos and each video is 5-8 minutes in length.

New videos, including interviews with engineering thought leaders and how they’re applying new technologies can be delivered straight to your inbox if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Industry Blogs

11. EmbeddedGurus

EmbeddedGurus Embedded Software Blog


Embedded Gurus features blogs from an impressive stable of embedded software experts including:

Engineering Podcasts

12. EEVBlog

EEVBlog Electronics Engineering Video Blog


No doubt Dave Jones is “one of a kind.” And his videos are definitely “presented in Dave’s unique non-scripted overly enthusiastic style!” But if you like to tinker and take apart instrumentation, hardware, and various electronic gadgets, EEVBlog is sure to keep you riveted.

13. The Amp Hour

The Amp Hour Electronics Design

The Amp Hour

In case you can’t get enough of Dave Jones’ EEVBlog, here’s your chance to listen to him along with sidekick, Chris Gammell. Chris is an analog electrical engineer who is “dedicated to teaching electronics in an easy-to-understand way with lots of hands-on interaction.”

14. EMBEDDED Podcast

embedded.fm Podcast


Your hosts are Elecia White and Chris White, of Logical Elegance, an embedded systems consulting company located in Silicon Valley.

Jack Ganssle and Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation, are some of the industry thought leaders who have shared their experiences and expertise with Elecia and Chris.

Test & Measurement Equipment

15. Saleae

Saleae Logic Analyzer


Saleae, located in San Francisco, and led by brothers Joe and Mark Garrison, is committed to manufacturing the best, most economical, mixed-signal logic analyzers that record digital or analog signals, and hook right into your computer.

What resources would you add to this list? Please let us know in the comment section below

10 comments On 15 Best Online Resources for Firmware Engineers

  • For what it’s worth, Chris Gammel is an old colleague of mine from Keithley Instruments here in Cleveland, Ohio. Let me know if you would like me to reach out to Chris to collaborate with him here in Cleveland via the Firmware Group we manage on LinkedIn or the Firmware Engineers of Northeast Ohio (FENEO) Group we manage for our local community. We should be holding an even here soon. Perhaps we could podcast it.

    Bob Scaccia
    Manager and Founder of the Firmware Group on LinkedIn
    President at USA Firmware ‘experts in the art..’

  • Sidekick, eh? 😉

    Thanks for mentioning The Amp Hour! And Bob is correct, if you would ever like to talk, just shoot me an email. Bob is doing great things for the region.

  • Nice, thanks for your posting we are also in the same field and welcome to visit our website.

  • Jamie –

    Are you interested in arranging something with Chris and I?

  • The Saleae Logic is an indispensable piece of gear at a throw-away price. Every firmware developer should have one. I use mine regularly.

  • Jamie,

    For what it’s worth the Firmware LinkedIn Group is now a couple hundred members away from 20,000! So 15,000 new members in the last two years. I think that the group itself is now one of the best online resources for Firmware Engineers 😉

  • Nice post and some really great resources for people linked to firmware industry especially that LinkedIn group of 5,000+ firmware engineers which is now group 20,000+ members.

  • I am very thankful to you for sharing such a great resources for firmware engineers.

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