SBC Project: Home Automation Sensor Box

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In this post, we’ll meet Aviv Mussali of Tel Aviv, Israel

What are you working on, Aviv?

The project I have been working on is a smart box. Basically, the idea is to connect my Raspberry Pi to all possible sensors, placed in different areas around my home and garden, and to help with any other electrical device that needs smart monitoring.

The relevant data I collect is temperature, humidity, lux, and distance from the sensor. Currently I’m able to control any electrical device using a relay.

Here is a picture of the system, connected through a breadboard for ease of building.

home automation smart box 1

This is the distance monitor. It is a sonar connected to the Raspberry Pi and works by sending a pulse and waiting for it to come back (from an object close by).

home automation smart box 2

This is the weather sensor. It’s able to provide data about temperature and humidity percentages.

home automation smart box 3

This is one of the controllers. In the future, it will stream it’s state as well.

home automation smart box 4

If you look through the wires, you can see the lux sensor 🙂 It measures the strength of the light in the room.

home automation smart box 5

Using Initial State is very simple. I just created a new object for a logger, then all it does is stream the data it receives.

home automation smart box 6

I have used couple of loggers. The first one is develop, which is any debugging/messages I’d like to see on the screen. This includes user input for controlling, as an example, restarting the system, etc. The siglog stands for signal log, which holds a signal and its value, for example temperature 25*c.

The log looks like this.

home automation smart box 7

Temperature goes between 19-20 (rounding issues), same for Humidity that goes between 61-62%.
IR and Lux are the strength of the light in the room, the height is the device height minus distance of object from device. I configured 100cm height, and the distance was almost 15cm away from the device.

The box should be 24/7 live, with a GUI for controlling different aspects, and also some rules such as if this then that for control.

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