This Week in the Internet of Things (IoT): 3/20/2015

Each week, we scour the Internet superhighway for the latest and greatest Internet of Things news. From product launches to thought leadership articles, below are our five favorite IoT items this week.

How The Internet Of Things Is Slashing Energy Costs For Businesses


Smart grids, which run using the Internet of things, allow energy distribution to be managed in real time based on immediate data rather than historic patterns of energy use. Read more.

How NASA Thinks Augmented Reality Will Help In Space


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has partnered with San Francisco-based Osterhout Design Group (ODG) to develop computerized glasses that can guide astronauts with experiments as well as in conducting flight operations and repairs on space. Read more.

Smart Textiles — Designers Predict Wearables’ Next Phase


The next hot wearable might be the one no one knows you’re wearing. Experts predict a wave of smart fabrics and e-textiles that do what FitBits and Apple Watches now, just with a little more subtlety. Read more.

The IoT And The Future Of The Web Browser


The Internet of Things will drive the browser to be an invisible entity that functions more as a platform that facilitates web apps more so than the gateway to the Internet as it has been in the past. Read more.

Microsoft’s Big IoT Play With Azure And Windows 10


At Microsoft’s business-focused Convergence conference in Atlanta, Georgia, the computing giant confirmed it’s making a big play into the so-called Internet of Things realm, with a new Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and IoT-focused version of its Windows 10 operating system. Read more.

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