Our Top 10 Raspberry Pi Tutorials

top raspberry pi tutorialsAs the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi, you may be wondering what kind of projects to challenge yourself with. From temperature sensors and LED lights to building a hamster fitness tracker, we put together a MASSIVE guide with our favorite Raspberry Pi tutorials and project ideas.

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Raspberry Pi Tutorials: 10 Project Chapters

Here are the ten project chapters within the book:

  1. Getting Your Monitor to Work
  2. Taking Control of Your Keyboard Layout
  3. Pressing Buttons to Light Up LEDs
  4. Pressing Buttons to Make an LED Blink
  5. Using Pi-Plates to Add Functionality
  6. Streaming Temperature
  7. Baking a Turkey
  8. Running a Shutdown Button Script at Boot
  9. Building a Mobile GPS Streamer
  10. Building a Hamster Fitness Tracker

Looking for some basic Raspberry Pi tutorials to get your hack on?

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10 Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

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