Top 6 Beginner Raspberry Pi Tutorials

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized Linux computer with enormous educational and DIY/hobbyist possibilities. If you’re new to the world Raspberry Pi and feeling overwhelmed, fear not!

As of May 2014, 3 million Pi units have been sold, and with so much activity comes a thriving and supportive community of makers, educators and programming hobbyists.

We scoured the Internet for our favorite Raspberry Pi tutorials, and here’s what we found:

Beginner Raspberry Pi Tutorials


Raspberry Pi Tutorials for Complete Beginners


Built and managed by fourteen-year old Henry, this website is designed to teach complete beginners how to use their Raspberry Pi as a games console, workstation and as a general computer for everyday use. Visit website.


Contriware Raspberry Pi Course


A free, 7-week course that teaches you how to use, program, and understand the Raspberry Pi. Don’t be fooled – just because it’s a free, open-source course doesn’t mean it won’t be tough to work your way through! Visit website.


The Raspberry Pi Guy


The Raspberry Pi Guy, introducing you to the wonderful world of Raspberry Pi. What we found particularly helpful was his YouTube channel, and his glossary page, both great resources for beginner Pi enthusiasts. Visit website.


7 Great Raspberry Pi YouTube Tutorials

treehugger raspberry pi video tutorials

From the good folks over at TreeHugger come a great list post of their favorite Raspberry Pi YouTube videos. From unboxing and setting up your Raspberry Pi to setting up WiFi and building an ultrasonic sensor, or an Internet radio device, these videos cover a wide range of topics. Visit website.


University of Cambridge: Computer Lab Raspberry Pi Tutorials

computer lab raspberry pi tutorials

One of the more comprehensive set of tutorials we found. Navigate the page from the left menu, where you can learn about OS development, image processing, physical computing and more. Visit website.


Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange


The ultimate website forum for all things Raspberry Pi. With over 5,000 questions posted and more than 13,000 visitors a day, the Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange is an excellent resource if you have specific questions you’re looking to answer. Visit website.

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