This Week in Internet of Things (IoT): 10/10/2014

Each week, we scour the Internet superhighway for the latest and greatest Internet of Things news. From product launches to thought leadership articles, below are our five favorite IoT items this week.

HAXLR8R Increases Seed Funding For Its Next Round Of Startups


Hardware accelerator HAXLR8R announced yesterday that it plans to offer companies in its next batch and beyond further options when considering  taking seed funding and joining its program. Starting with it’s upcoming sixth batch, startup founders will have the option to take $25,000 in exchange for 6% of their companies (the previous rate) or $100,000 in exchange for 9%, giving them more capital to work with for testing and production. Read more.

Wireless Mesh Networks for Internet of Things Latency

network cables connected to switch

The issue of Internet of Things security has already been hammered to death on tech news sites. Security, however, is far from the sole – or even necessarily primary – bugaboo facing widespread IoT deployment in the enterprise. Accessibility – security’s mortal foe – is potentially just as big a problem, according to pundits who spoke at this year’s Connected Cloud Summit in Boston. Read more.

5 Wild Internet of Things Predictions


It’s hard to ignore the Internet of Things. Pundits, futurists, tech companies and everyone in between seems to be talking about it. Gartner thinks the Internet of Things, or IoT, will reach 26 billion installed units and worldwide sales of $1.9 trillion by 2020. Read more.

The Internet of Things Gets a New OS


British processor powerhouse ARM Holdings, said last week that it intends to launch a new, low-power operating system that will manage web-connected devices and appliances using chips based on the company’s 32-bit Cortex-M microcontrollers. Read more.

Internet of Things gets a hand from ARM’s new operating system

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 3.15.17 AM

The UK-based chip designer’s Mbed operating system is among several efforts, including the work of standards groups and a new wireless protocol, designed to speed the adoption of the Internet of Things. Read more.

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