This Week In The Internet of Things (IoT): 10/31/2014

Each week, we scour the Internet superhighway for the latest and greatest Internet of Things news. From product launches to thought leadership articles, below are our five favorite IoT items this week.

‘The Internet Of Things’ Will Change Virtually Everything About How Large Companies Operate


The Internet Of Things will reshuffle priorities and costs for global enterprises. The IoT will be a diffuse layer of devices, sensors, and computing power that overlays entire business-to-business, consumer-facing and government industries. The IoT will account for an increasingly huge number of connections: 1.9 billion devices today, and 9 billion by 2018. That year, it will be roughly equal to the number of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearable computers, and PCs combined. Read More.

Government aims to make $15 billion Internet of Things industry in India by 2020


NEW DELHI: The government is working on an ambitious plan to create USD 15 billion ‘Internet of Things’ industry in the next six years. Internet of Things, or IoT, can be loosely described as a network of inter-connected devices that can be accessed through the Internet. Read more.

10 ways CIOs can prepare for the Internet of Things


Is there a ‘d-i’ missing from the middle of the IoT acronym? Read on for IT and business strategist Harvey Koeppel’s humorous take on the meaning and disruptive nature of the Internet of Things and the 10 things CIOs can do to prepare for the IoT. Read more.

Mozilla wants Firefox OS to have a feed on Raspberry Pi


Mozilla is hoping its Firefox OS can capture the interest of developers building media players and robotics with Raspberry Pi boards. Read more.

RPi Raspberry Pi Breakout Board Designed To Help You Learn Python


Those of you that own a Raspberry Pi mini PC and would like to start to learn the Python programming language, may find giving the RPi Board a little more investigation worthwhile. Read more.



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