This Week in the Internet of Things (IoT): 12/12/2014

Each week, we scour the Internet superhighway for the latest and greatest Internet of Things news. From product launches to thought leadership articles, below are our five favorite IoT items this week.

Scientists Develop Artificial Skin That Can Feel

Artificial Skin

An international team from South Korea and the United States has designed what they call “smart skin” that will help amputees feel their environment, whether that be humidity in the air, or a warm, firm handshake. Read more.

Kuna’s Stylish And Smart Home Security Solution

Kuna Home Security

Here’s how it works: the camera is embedded in a light fixture hung near a doorway. It senses motion, sends alerts over smart devices and allows the user to see who’s at the door and answer it over an intercom – whether the user is at home or on the beach – via the Kuna app. Read more.

Robot Lawyers? Smart Assistants? Tech Trends For 2015

Tech Trends 2015

Tech strategist Amy Webb today released her annual list of 55 trends to look out for this year, and while they range from intuitive (Uber for everything-delivery model), to out-there (neuroenhancers that make your body controllable by computer), several are certain to be future game-changers. Read more.

Data, The Internet of Things, And Sensor Analytic Ecosystems – Panel Discussion

Internet Of Things Discussion

With commentary from leading IoT experts, this recorded panel discussion will separate fact from fiction when it comes to the Internet of Things. Find out the promise of IoT for consumers, and hear from companies that are doing it right. Read more.

U.S. Consumers Warm To Wearable Tech, Europeans Cooler

Wearable Technology

Consumers are warming to the idea that wearing a computer on their wrists or clothing may not be the fashion faux pas that early clunky prototypes led many to fear, with 2015 poised to be a breakout for the much-hyped trend. Read more.

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