This Week in Internet of Things (IoT): 9/26/14

Each week, we scour the Internet superhighway for the latest and greatest Internet of Things news. From product launches to thought leadership articles, below are our five favorite IoT items this week.

How Investors Can Profit From The Internet Of Things

internet of things tech shirt

From “smart thermostats” to “tech shirts,” the apparel makers and manufacturers to watch are undoubtedly the ones connecting their products to the Internet and adding digital applications catered to meet the ease, convenience and sophistication that today’s consumer has come to demand. Known as incorporating “The Internet of Things” (“IoT”) into their products, smart companies are using this strategy to differentiate themselves in the market and drive higher conversion rates…Read More

relayr Gets $2.3M To Foster An Internet Of Things App Ecosystem


Berlin-based relayr, maker of the WunderBar, an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware dev kit which resembles a chunky chocolate bar, has closed a $2.3 million seed round, from unnamed U.S. and Switzerland-based investors…Read More

Ted Leonsis: An Exciting Time for the Internet of Things

ted-leonsis-internet-of-thingsIn 1999, the British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton coined the phrase “Internet of Things” (or IoT). He defined it as a “system that connects the physical world to the Internet via ubiquitous sensors that gather and report data.” Over the last decade the constraints that previously slowed the progression of the IoT have started to fade, and tangible examples are starting to take shape. Analysts are predicting that it will be a $7.1 trillion market comprised of 50 billion connected devices by the year 2020 – investors like myself cannot afford to ignore it…Read More

Five ways the internet of things is already broken—and how to fix it


There are some 10 billion internet-connected devices in the world today. These include phones, computers, cars, and the assorted grab-bag of devices that fall under the rubric of the “internet of things” (IoT). By 2050, there will be over 100 billion internet-connected devices. The vast majority of those will be “things”: lightbulbs, doorknobs, coffee machines, and, yes, fridges.

But there are some big obstacles before the internet of things can become a viable business. A recent research paper from IBM lays out the top five…Read More

Who Will Build The ‘God Platform’ For The Internet Of Things?

Everyone’s racing to build the “god platform” for the Internet of Things: the highest, most generalized layer of intelligence and user interface that ties together connected devices and web services.

It’s tempting to look for analogy in mobile phone platforms, where Apple was initially dominant and now enjoys an extremely lucrative and influential minority position against Android. There are some crucial differences, though…Read More

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