Weekly Envy: Digital Highlighter Bluetooth C-Pen

The Weekly Envy highlights one piece of cool tech that we’ve come across lately and really wish we could buy! 

From C Technologies:

Resembling a taser of some sort, this is a digital highlighter. It only weighs 68 grams and is as tall as a regular highlighter. The width of the pen lets it scan characters up to 22 points in size.

The C-Pen can scan at up to 15 cm/s, which is almost as fast as you can read what you’re scanning. You can see it in action in this short video:

So basically the pen lets you copy-paste real life. Which is awesome. It uses either Bluetooth or USB to communicate with your device of preference and inserts the scanned text into whatever text box your cursor is currently in.

The C-Pen can also read different characters (Latin, Greek and Cyrillic on PC/Mac + Chinese, Korean and Japanese on Android), making translating a breeze.

Software that comes with the C-Pen even includes a text editor called TS/X that will do text-to-speech and translation for you.

You can buy it for $199.95 on ectaco.com or for 108.40 in the C-Pen shop.

Get more info on the C-Pen digital highlighter here: http://cpen.com/

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