Weekly Envy: ORION Delta Desktop 3D Printer

The Weekly Envy highlights one piece of cool tech that we’ve come across lately and really wish we could buy! 

From SeeMeCNC:

The ORION Delta Desktop 3D Printer distinguishes itself from many other 3D printers with a suspended print head. It also has a circular print bed instead of the common rectangular base.

The 9″ tall build space has a 6″ circular diameter or a 5″ square wide volume. Watching it work is also really cool.

Already optimized for ABS printing, the ORION boasts easy setup and pre-calibration with approximately 50 micron accuracy.

Another unique feature of the ORION is the option to purchase an Android powered tablet that can control the 3D printer, slice files, and send pictures of print progress. The tablet is also compatible with around 40 other 3D printers.


The 18 pound ORION can also print via SD card (4GB included) with LCD control.

Coming in at $1,099 on SeeMeCNC, the ORION is very reasonably priced for a 3D printer and comes with a 1 pound spool of PLA. Adding on the MatterControl TOUCH tablet brings the total price to $1,365.

Buy the ORION here: http://seemecnc.com/products/orion-delta-3d-printer

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