Weekly Envy: Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker

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The Weekly Envy highlights one piece of cool tech that we’ve come across lately and really wish we could buy! 

From Skulpt:

The Aim Fitness Tracker claims to be the world’s first device to measure body fat percentage and muscle quality, giving you data on 24 different muscles individually.

The fitness tracker is focused at letting you know when your gaining muscle and losing fat – not just gaining or losing weight. It takes local measurements in a matter of seconds.

You can immediately view the results of your measurements or track your progress over time using the Skulpt app. The Aim sends the data to your smartphone via bluetooth.


The Skulpt Aim is also extremely accurate, with 4 times more accuracy than professional calipers, 5 times more accuracy than BIA smart scales, and within 1-2% of underwater weighing.


The Skulpt Aim provides much more actionable fitness data than any other fitness tracker out there.

$199.99 will get you the Aim, a charger, a travel pouch, and a spray bottle.

Get more info on the Skulpt Aim fitness tracker here: http://www.skulpt.me/

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