Weekly Envy: Vigo Energy Tracker

The Weekly Envy highlights one piece of cool tech that we’ve come across lately and really wish we could buy! 

From Vigo:

The Vigo energy tracker is an innovative way to track your alertness and react accordingly.

Even though it looks like a Bluetooth headset (which it also is), the Vigo is meant to be worn tilted towards your eye. This is because it uses your blinking patterns, an accelerometer, and a unique algorithm to gauge your energy levels.


What good does knowing that you’re falling asleep do if you’re still falling asleep? Well, the Vigo takes care of that with customizable “nudges” like vibrating or even playing a song to wake you back up.


The sensitivity of the device, including how drowsy you can be before being nudged, is all controlled via the Vigo app. The app also tracks your alertness over time so that you can see patterns in your productivity during certain times of day or specific activities.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the Vigo can be preordered now for $79 with an optional $20 carrying case.

The Vigo will ship in August and you can order it here: http://wearvigo.com/

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