What Engineers and Developers REALLY Do All Day

what engineers and developers doMost people think engineers and developers spend their time creating cool stuff. Cut to a scene of scrappy developers, huddled around a computer and glistening with excitement as their new application just went live.

If only it were that easy.

Did you know that the average engineer or developer finds and fixes 100 product bugs per 1,000 lines of code?

Because it takes 30x longer on a bug than it does to write each new line of code, time spent trying to identify and to fix product bugs is a significant part of an engineer or developer’s day. On average, about 75% of one employee’s time – about 1,500 hours –  is spent identifying and fixing bugs. Yikes. That adds up to a $113 billion spent each year on identifying and correcting product defects.

We recently put together a Slideshare presentation that tells this story. Check it out below!

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